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Competence Development Centre

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The Competence Development Centre (CDC) is an area belonging to the Directorate of Human Talent Development of the Corporate Vice Presidency, which is conceived as a corporate strategy of the FCV to develop and improve the skills of employees.

Throughout the years, the FCV has been known for the quality in the provision of high complexity health services, with a strategic purpose that recognizes it as a specialized, friendly and innovative institution; so that this continues to be possible, the Center for the Development of Competencies was created as a response to the training needs in the competencies of all the collaborators and in the technical aspects of administrative collaborators.

Part of the purpose of the CDC is to align the objectives of the company with the capabilities, skills and behaviors of its employees, providing them with training spaces that are useful both inside and outside the company and that are a platform for continuous improvement to achieve the goals of learn to be, learn to know and learn how to do dimensions.

The approach to the training of FCV collaborators must guarantee the development of the competencies required to achieve personal and institutional objectives, incorporating in the process different ways of learning for their development, such as courses carried out by training centres or experts, workplace learning and self-learning.

With the CDC's education and training programs based on the competence-building model, the following dimensions are being strengthened:

Learn to Be Dimension

A set of personal characteristics (motivation, commitment to work, discipline, leadership, among others) that are evident in the competent performance and are decisive for the development of people, teamwork and increased performance in organizations.