Instituto Cardiovascular

Cancer Institute

Who are we?

The HIC Cancer Institute is a specialized center for comprehensive care and treatment of cancer in adult and pediatric patients that have been diagnosed with this disease. It has a wide variety of medical procedures for the management of different types of cancer, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hospitalization and oncological surgery.

The institute is equipped with state of the art technologies for the realization of reliable diagnoses and treatments. Diagnostic imaging equipment is used according to the need of each disease and according to the affected organs, providing a guarantee to our patients, who upon being diagnosed in our institute, will receive the best therapeutic option for their disease.

Whether you are looking for information about treatment options, guidance on how to cope with side effects, or answers to questions related to access and opportunity in care, we are available to help.

We have a select group of highly qualified professionals, who are part of different specialties in Radiation Oncology, Hematology, Clinical Oncology, Oncological Surgery, a clinic for pain relief and palliative care, along with a care team consisting of professionals in Oncology Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition, Dietetics and Rehabilitation, which allow us to be an institution at the forefront in the comprehensive management of the treatment and support of cancer patients.