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Neurological Institute HIC

The HIC neurological area doesn't have a precise beginning but it was developed little by little together with some specialists who attended some isolated cases that arrived at the institution in dates close to 2001. They were initially cardiological patients that were diagnosed with neurological diseases during their treatment. One of the medical promoters of this medical specialty was Dr. Mario Duran who, working together with the research work carried out by some students and residents, in addition to being supported by Colciencias, managed to consolidate a neurological team for FCV in 2006.
This first medical team began with the provision of thrombolysis services in the city and also took the second place in transcranial Doppler service in our country, consolidating the first neurovascular care unit in Colombia with the full support of the Colombian Association of Neurology. In 2007, thanks to the involvement of Dr. Nhora Ruiz and in association with 3 other Doctors, the program of Abnormal Movements was developed.

During the following years, different specialists and subspecialists of neurological disciplines such as neurophysiology, psychiatry and neurosciences, among others, were linked to the institution and. Thanks to a joint work, a research team of neurology was achieved and different laboratories were established like electroencephalogram, polysomnography and nerve / muscle.

Today in our recent medical facility, the International Hospital of Colombia – HIC, we have integrated a large neurological team that provides comprehensive care to its patients and is a regional leader for the care of all neurological pathologies, with investigative work, specialized doctors and cutting edge technology.