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Cerebrovascular Disease Unit

Neurological Institute


Cerebrovascular disease is one of the most frequent conditions that causes significant disability and deterioration in the quality of life, not only of the patient but also of his family and caregivers. The cerebrovascular disease is divided into bleeding events and ischemic events. The latter have higher frequency and are caused by the obstruction of the carotid and /or brain arteries, secondary to various diseases. 

At HIC we have a group of specialists trained in the evaluation, management and rehabilitation of patients that suffer cerebrovascular disease with the possibility of performing multiple therapeutic interventions including intravenous and intra-arterial thrombolysis with endovascular techniques for emergency vascular rescue in the case of ischemic events or commonly called cerebral thrombosis.
  • Dr. Federico A. Silva Sieger
  • Dr. Vladimir Rodríguez Parra