Frequently Asked Questions

Validation And Metrology Laboratory

When to perform the calibrations?

We recommend calibrating the equipment before using it for the first time. The easiest way is to request an accredited calibration when you buy a new instrument. This will start the measurement history, which may be required at any time by customers or their quality procedures. This also helps to perform a quality control of the equipment entering the services.


How often did you perform the calibration?

The periodicity with which companies calibrate their instrument is a balance between risk and cost. The shorter the period between calibrations, the lower the risk that your measurements will be questionable. That is why we recommend calibrating your measuring instruments once a year, until you know the behaviour of the instrument over time.

Equipment that is used daily should have a shorter calibration cycle than equipment that is used less frequently. However, to establish an adequate period between calibrations, it should be considered:



  • The scope and intensity of use
  • Trend data, obtained from previous calibrations and tendency to wear and tear and drift*.
  • Environmental, transport and management conditions.
  • The required uncertainty in measurements

* Due to the age of the components, temperature changes and mechanical stress, the accuracy of the equipment decreases over time. This is called "drift" and when it happens, the measurement results become less reliable. Drift cannot be eliminated, but it can be detected and taken into account during the calibration process.



Cost of measures necessary for correction, when it is discovered that the instrument has not been measuring well for a period of time