Instituto Cardiovascular

Value Added Services

Validation And Metrology Laboratory

Education Programs: In order to promote the updating and technical training of the technical and/or medical assistance personnel who develop processes related to Metrology and the use of Measurement Systems or Instruments, we have developed a portfolio of complementary training programs that include:

  • Metrology and measurement processes Workshop Course
  • Metrology focused on biomedical equipment Workshop Course
  • Uncertainty estimation Workshop Course
  • Metrological Assurance Workshop Course
  • Diploma in Laboratory Accreditation according to NTC-ISO/IEC 17025

Internships and practices: Making use of the controlled facilities of the FCV Validation and Metrology Laboratory, and through practical workshops in which calibration processes are developed with the standard equipment and elements retained from the laboratory, we provide environments in which the technical personnel can test the theoretical knowledge learned in the magnitudes of:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure (Sphygmomanometers, Mechanical Ventilation, Pressure Gauges)
  • Flow (Anesthesia Machines, Flowmeters)
  • Volume (Mechanical Ventilation and Anesthesia Machines)
  • Temperature and Humidity (Incubators, Meters of environmental conditions)
  • Electrical Magnitudes (Vital Sign Monitors, Pulse Oximeters) 
Consulting: We offer consulting services to Health Care Providers in the preparation of the Metrological Assurance Plan, Metrology Plans, calibration result verification programs and data analysis. Likewise, we accompany institutions and our clients during the certification process, internal and external audits, qualification visits and accreditation visits.