Instituto Cardiovascular

Security Recommendations for Achieving International Objectives

Patient Safety


In 2019, the HIC received the international accreditation by the Joint Commission International - JCI with the recognition 'Gold Seal of Approval ®', a distinction that guarantees compliance with international standards for the provision of high quality medical services and patient safety. These are the recommendations to follow in order to continue guaranteeing the highest standards in our Institution.

Correct identification of patients

For a correct identification of the patient, both in its diagnosis and in its treatment, the use of two (2) identifiers was established as a policy:


  • Patient's full name.
  • Identification number (citizenship card, civil registry, identity card, passport).


The procedure of correct identification of the patient begins as soon as he or she is admitted to the Institution. The medical and care team that is responsible for the care of the patient must verify the identification during any process of care.