Instituto Cardiovascular

Prepare for your Medical Examination

In order for an examination to provide reliable results that contribute to the diagnosis of our patients, it is essential that they collaborate in following the indications that you will find below.

If you have any doubts about the preparation of your exam, do not hesitate to carry them out and solve them with your treating doctor. It is also very important that you inform us about medications, conditions, allergies, results of previous exams and other aspects of your health that should be taken into account for your next exam.

Endoscopic intestinal digestive studies

Before the patient takes part in an Endoscopic Digestive Tract Study, the following indications must be taken into account.

  • If you take medicines that contain aspirin or iron, you should stop taking them one week before the procedure.
  • The patient should buy four capsules or tablets of Dulcolax (5 mg) and two sachets of Klean-Prep.
  • If the patient is diagnosed with heart disease (heart failure), kidney failure or liver disease (cirrhosis), please let us know in advance to adjust the preparation.
Preparation for the day before the procedure

The patient should be on a liquid diet without milk, drink plenty of water, juices, panela water, tea in water, lemonade, orangeade, among others, and may only consume them until bedtime. Additionally, you should prepare yourself with the following medications:


  • 10 am: Take two capsules or tablets of Dulcolax, with two glasses of water.
  • 2 pm: Take two Dulcolax capsules or tablets with two glasses of water.
  • Prepare each sachet of Klean-Prep in one litre of Gatorade (of your choice of flavour) and store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to take them.
  • 4 pm: Drink one glass of the preparation every 20 minutes until you reach one litre.
  • 7 pm: Drink a glass of the preparation every 20 minutes until completing one liter.


Please note that because of the preparation, it is possible to have liquid diarrheal stools, however to ensure the correct application of the test, please do not use toilet paper; clean with soft soap and water.