Specialized Center In Pain Relief And Palliative Care

About Us

Our Specialized Center in Pain Relief and Palliative Care of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC provides comprehensive care plan aimed to improve or maintain the quality of life of patients who are hospitalized in the different services of our institution, regardless of the diagnosis or stage of their disease, through early identification and more appropriate treatment of pain and other symptoms.

Palliative Care is a specialty that deals with the biopsychosocial part of the patient and his or her family. At the Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC we take care of all physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to offer holistic support in the emotions management and the control of social and psychological factors associated with these terminal illnesses.

We are pioneers in the eastern region of the country, with more than 20 years of experience. We were the first institution in Latin America to be certified by the Joint Commission International - JCI, which means that we have all the international standards for pain management. Also, we are certified as a Pain-Free Hospital, which means that patients who come to our service will have optimal management for their disease.

We are focus on Pain Relief and timely, humanized and high-quality care, we have an interdisciplinary team, expert in pain management, which is made up of: Specialists, General Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, and Social Workers, who are willing and prepared to perform comprehensive treatments, which we divide into three (3) major services: Acute Postoperative Pain, Benign Chronic Pain and Palliative Care.

Some of the benefits offered by these treatments are:

  • Reduction of recovery time, which translates into a faster improvement of your physical capabilities.
  • The perception of the patient's state of health is significantly improved.
  • More timely and effective treatments in pain management, avoiding unnecessary suffering.
  • Support and human and comprehensive accompaniment throughout the treatment of the patient and his family, to improve their quality of life.