Instituto Cardiovascular


Specialized Center in Pain Relief and Palliative Care


The Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC has modern physical facilities specially designed for the medical care of patients who require service in the Specialized Center for Pain Relief and Palliative Care

Our facilities are equipped with the highest technology equipment for the care of patients who have an advanced and progressive condition that cannot be cured. We have an area of more than 400 meters in which they are located: Special procedure rooms, pain surgery rooms of the highest complexity, and the most advanced equipment for the realization of blocks.

We have the latest generation X-Ray equipment that allows 360° vision and an Ultrasound Scanner to make Blocks, Continuous Infusion Pumps, Pumps for the Administration of the medicine directly into the spinal fluid, Intrathecal Pumps and Electrical Spinal Stimulators. We also have Radiofrequency Equipment to do nerve blocks and decrease pain in a specific area of the body.