Instituto Cardiovascular

Support units

Hospital Internacional de Colombia

Blood Bank

Since 1986, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia - FCV has focused on improving the health, well-being, and access of the santanderean community to high complexity...

Emergency And Trauma Unit

The HIC Emergency and Trauma Unit provides a 24-hour service to adult and pediatric patients, who present traumatic or highly complex medical emergencies.

Hospitalization Unit

Our HIC Hospitalization Service is responsible for providing basic and specialized health care in a comprehensive manner and with the highest standards of quality and care...

External Consultation Unit

The External Consultation Unit of the International Hospital of Colombia - HIC, offers care to patients who require an outpatient health care, allowing the definition of a diagnosis or therapeutic behavior...

Care Units

The Intensive and Intermediate Care Units of the International Hospital of Colombia have technical staff and specialized human talent which provides a service of surveillance and special care to potentially...

Surgery Service

The HIC Surgery Rooms are an important part of the comprehensive offer of the medical complex, being the infrastructure area of the organization, specialized in providing facilities to treating physicians...

Diagnostic Support Unit

he Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) has excellent medical equipment that includes advanced technology to perform various procedures of Radiology