Instituto Cardiovascular

Blood Bank

“The best assistance and service for your health care, with high-quality standards. Safety and human treatment”.

Since 1986, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia - FCV has focused on improving the health, well-being, and access of the santanderean community to high complexity medical services, with high-quality and safety standards, providing a warm and cordial experience to patients and their families.

The HIC Blood Bank was created to offer a service dedicated to internal blood donation campaigns, for all those who visit our facilities in Basement 1 of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC. This to provide more coverage to health services, with a national and international projection, to have a significant impact on the quality of life of people who may need a transfusion of blood components in their medical treatment.

“We save lives by donating blood, making transfusion possible”.
“We are supported by a team of trained and constantly updated professionals, with international quality standards, which can have an impact on donors by providing a unique experience”.