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Blood Donation Process

Blood Bank


When donating, the blood or blood component is saved for use in the clinical or surgical treatment of those in need.

For most people, donating blood can be a quick and simple process, as long as they follow all the recommendations given by the person in charge of performing the procedure.

“Donating blood is a simple process that helps save lives”.

Before you donate:

  • Check the General Requirements.
  • Sign up to be a donor or call: +57 (7) 639 3936 Ext. 1*101 - 1*102 - 1*103 /
  • If you are already a donor, login, and schedule or check your next date.
  • Follow the pre-donation guidelines.
  • If you feel you cannot go to your appointment, reschedule it.
At FCV and HIC we guarantee the safety of the donor and the patient receiving the transfusion. Therefore, you must provide us with all the required information and tell us everything you consider necessary to ensure these factors during the process.