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Blood Bank Donation Process

Blood Bank

  • When you come to the HIC Blood Bank, we will give you the information about the importance of the donation. You will also be given a brief description of the process, requirements, the importance of your safety and of the patient who will receive your blood, and we will verify your identity.
  • Then we are going to do an evaluation of your health status, beginning with a survey, followed by an interview by the HIC Blood Bank screening professional, who will also perform a physical examination.
  • In case you couldn't be a donor, we are going to explain to you the reason why. But if you meet the requirements, we will book you an appointment.
  • If you are eligible, you will go to the donation area.
  • During the donation process, you will be located in a comfortable seating area, and then your identity will be reconfirmed.
  • Staff trained in phlebotomy will check your arms and verify the most ideal place to perform the puncture, with a previous aseptic process.
  • The puncture will be done and your blood will be collected in a sterile bag identified with your data and a unique code assigned by the Bank.
  • You shouldn't feel any discomfort or persistent pain. If so, you must immediately notify the staff in charge.
  • Your unit of blood will stop when the collection process reaches an average volume of 450 mL, which should take 5-10 minutes.
  • The Phlebotomy kit will be taken out and a sterile band-aid will be put on the area. (Follow the recommendations: apply pressure and don't bend the arm).
  • Then you will go to a resting area where you can have a snack of your choice.* 

*This is subject to availability. 

For more information about the process, please check the instructions below.