Instituto Cardiovascular

Diagnostic Support Unit


The Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) has excellent medical equipment that includes advanced technology to perform various procedures of Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Hemodynamics, Specialized Laboratories and Cardiovascular Studies, allowing us to run exams faster, get results in less time, have a better image quality, greater comfort and safety for the patient.

The institution is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the realization of reliable diagnoses and treatments. Diagnostic imaging equipment is used according to the need of each disease and according to the affected organs, providing guarantees to our patients, when they are diagnosed in our institutes, receiving the best therapeutic option for their disease.

We have exclusive equipment such as 100% digital Radiography, Mammography with tomosynthesis, Osteodensitometry, next generation Tomograph and Resonator, Interventional Radiology and the only PET - CT in the region.