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Hospital Infrastructure

Somos HIC

The Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC has a hospital infrastructure of more than 86,000 square meters, distributed in three sections: the first one, dedicated to Hospitalization, Intensive Care, Emergency and Trauma, Chemotherapy and Neurology services; the second section, for Surgery, Outpatient Consultation, Diagnostic Support and Therapeutic Complementation; and finally, the third section, specialized in Children and Gynecobstetrics, these last two soon to be in operation.

HIC Installed Hospital Capacity

We have an installed capacity of more than 380 hospital beds located in wide spaces, with a design specially created for the comfort of patients, their companions and our collaborators. These spaces receive natural lighting, providing the patient with an experience of peace of mind during his or her medical treatment and stay in the facilities. At present, there are 214 beds, distributed in Adult General Hospitalization (53), Pediatric General Hospitalization (24), Adult VIP Hospitalization (34), Pediatric VIP Hospitalization (8), Adult Oncology Hospitalization (28), Pediatric Oncology Hospitalization (21), Adult ICU (21), Pediatric ICU (7), Adult Intermediate Care Unit (6), Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit (6) and Burn Unit (6).

In addition, we have the following spaces that, thanks to their innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, allow for the comprehensive management of treatment and specialized attention to our patients: Emergency Observation Cubicles (18), Adult Chemotherapy Room (13), Pediatric Chemotherapy Room (5), Procedure Rooms (10) and Operating Rooms (8).

Hospitalization Rooms

The rooms of the HIC Hospitalization Area were conceived based on flexibility, which seeks single or double occupancy according to the needs of each patient, allowing them to be grouped in two wings organized in front of the nursing station, to have a complete visualization of the rooms. All the rooms have natural lighting and those on the south side have the view of the Valle de Mensulí natural reservation, all this in order to offer patients the highest level of comfort and convenience.

SHIPP System

For the HIC the comfort of the patient and his family is the central axis in all its processes, so it provides the best experience and service. Among our differentiators is the accompaniment to each hospital bed with touch screens, smart tablet style, which have the Integrated Hospital System for Patients (SHIPP), designed by the FCV to entertain hospitalized patients and their families, generating a more pleasant clinical environment.


The SHIPP is installed in each of the touch screens that are part of the equipment of our hospitalization rooms and has an interface, which records the medical and demographic conditions of each patient, such as: their native language, age, religion, among others. In case their native language is different from Spanish, the user can use the Google Translate application to communicate with our care staff without any problem.

The patient has the facility to access a leisure module that includes access to their social networks, email, access to music and concerts through Youtube, movies, commercial TV channels and digital books. It also has a tactile option for the call to the nurse, in addition to the one traditionally made from the push cord.